Member of:
TenneSEIA (Tennessee Solar Industries Association)
SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association)
ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)
SEPA (Solar Electric Power Association)
GSEA (Georgia Solar Energy Association)
Solairgen (Solar Installation School)
Baker Donelson (Renewable Representation)
Harness the Power. Feel the Savings.
North Carolina & Georgia Commercial Solar installation
Residential Solar
Solar is one of the best ways to power our homes. In Georgia up to 65% of the bill can be offset with tax deductions from Federal & State.
Commercial Solar
Solar is a business asset, that produces electricity. In Georgia businesses can take advantage of special incentives having 85% covered.
Agricultural Solar
Farming & Agricultural Business face many challenges to tier businesses…..
Fuel, Fertilizer, Chemicals, and Power are the largest cost. Let's Reduce the Power Cost.
Solar Technology
Solar technologies are quickly becoming some of the most advanced forms of electrical generation.
Cell Technology
Mounting Technology
Power Connections
What We Do:
Corona Solar Agricultural and Ranching Solar Source
Green Sky (Lending)
"Your Solar Source"
Design, Engineering & Installation
Quality & Inspection
Solar Consulting
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Adjective: Solar Consulting
1. 1. Engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field that need unbiased help, information or project facilitation.
  1. “A Consulting Engineer”
Noun: Solar Consulting
1. The business of giving expert advice to commercial, governmental as well as energy groups wanting to understand the business and financial perspective's of a renewable energy project.
Solar Consulting:\'so-lar\ken-'sel-ting\:
•Renewable Power while an excellent power source. Is also a source of confusion for many people, businesses and governmental organizations. We will EXPLAIN all of the facets of the Solar System DESIGN, & INSTALLATION.
•The cost, materials and labor of a project can swing wildly and not knowing what constitutes a "Good Project" can end up costing "YOU" thousands to millions of dollars based upon the size of the project.
•Having a knowledgeable representative that looks after your interests, will not only keep the project on track, but will not let installers charge YOU more than what you should pay.
Value We Bring:
Solar Installation: \'so-lar\in-stuh-ley-shun\:
Noun: Solar Instsllation
1. Engaged in the business of installing, solar power systems or renewable apparatus placed in position and connected for use, and quality inspected.
  1. "A NABCEP certified solar installer”
Adjective: Solar Installation
1. The design, procurment, and professional installation of solar power systems for the utility, commercial and residential markets.
•Corona Solar Finance is offering variable financing. 12 Month, No Payment Financing, from Green Sky Lending.

•Corona Solar Service is a new service offering to other solar installers. Corona Solar Service will help the new companies with project drawings, design, code review. As well as onsite quality inspections, and project finance.
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