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Utility Programs:
Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit:
Federal Incentive Programs:
State Tax Incentives Link's:

Commercial Incentives:

Federal Incentive:
30% of Total System Cost: Tax Credit
25% of Total System Cost: MACRS " Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System
25% of Total System Cost: USDA REAP Rural Energy for America Program

State incentive:
35% of Total System Cost: Tax Credit**

 **Keep in mind that there is a limited amount of funds available for this program, and residential applicants "compete" with commercial entities for this incentive. What is meant by this is all monies for residential or commercial tax incentives come from the same fund. Lastly, these incentives are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note: The state tax incentives discussed here apply for the state of Georgia only. To see what incentives apply for your state, please visit the DSIRE web site and click on your home state to learn more.
Database of State Inventive's for Renewable's & Efficiency (DSIRE):
While not all utility companies offer incentives to those who install renewable energy, many do and more companies are changing their policies to expand coverage to this arena.

Click on this page to see a short list of utility companies, or better yet, call your local utility company and ask them directly what is available.

Profile of Incentives & Subsidies: