Solar power is a clean and renewable form of energy that will reliably provide power now and in the future. Solar power is growing in prominence in the US, and is expected to be one of the top industries, with respect to job creation in 2011, and for the foreseeable future. Solar power is a new concept to some, and therefore there may be questions you have. Below are some of the common questions.

Question 1: Is solar power as cost effective as utility power?
Answer: On the whole, solar power is less expensive than utility power. The average commercial rate paid is .15 cents per kWh in Georgia. With solar power the rate can get as low as .017 cents per kWh, for 25 years.

Question 2: What happens when the weather is bad? Will power still be made?
Answer: Typically, the system is configured such that you are still connected to the grid, and in times of low power manufacturing, your business will pull power from the grid, like it does today.

Question 3: Can I provide enough power to actually get away from the grid?
Answer: It is very possible to eliminate a utility bill, but it will depend upon buildable space. The amount of power required for bill elimination can be determined by Corona Solar, and the needed area for generation will be determined. A Corona Solar representative will guide you through this.

Question 4: Are there subsidies out there that will aid in up front costs?
Answer: Yes. Currently for commercial and residential projects the Federal government will allow you to apply for tax credits up to 30% of the total installed cost. The USDA department if available due to location also provides up to 25% grants, and credits, as well as, low interest loans. The state of Georgia is granting 35% of the cost back in form of tax credits that will also offset the initial cost. In total, it is very probable that 65% to 85% of the cost of the system can be offset in grants, and tax credits.

Question 5: Do I need batteries for storage?
Answer: In cases where there is no grid availability for backup power, there could be a need. Corona Solar will tell you if you need battery backup or not. If so, the cost will be explained out to you.

Question 6: What happens if something breaks?
Answer: All of the major elements are under manufacturers warranty, and the installation is also warrantied. The modules are designed for hail, and other hazards. Corona Solar will go over all of the warranties, and explain them to you. Corona Solar will be your single point of contact to guide you to the right solution.

Question 7: How do I know if I am making the right level of power?
Answer: There are programs and systems developed for the monitoring of power production. These solutions range from the economical, like web portals, to sophisticated monitoring devices. There are many options on the market which are tailored to suit all investment levels.

Question 8: What if I cannot cover the up from cost of the system?
Answer: There are many financing options available to you. Corona Solar has developed strategic relationships on behalf of its clients, making the process of financing easy process. Financing is based upon the customer credit standing and collateral. Corona Solar will aid you in finding the right solutions for you and your business.

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