What is Solar Power:

Power from the Sun (Electromagnetism), is freely given off from the sun at 1000 watts per meter squared (1000w/m2).

The Solar Spectrum is quantified in to wavelengths. A wavelength is the force at which light (Photon) travels. The spectrum ranges from about 280 nanometers (nm) to 2500 nm. The spectrum is further divided up in to three main sections:
Ultra Violet: 280 nm to 380 nm (UV) Short Wavelengths (High Power)
Visible: 380mn to 780 nm (Vis) Medium Wavelengths (Normal Power)
Infrared: 780 nm to 2500 nm (IR) Long Wavelengths (Low Power)

Solar Power is energy derived from a device that turns sunlight in to electricity by the photoelectric effect.

The photoelectric effect is the product of sunlight (Photon) striking a semiconductor (Metal Plate). When the photon strikes the semiconductor with sufficient power (Band Gap) to excite one electron to move from one place to another, this is how energy is released thus, creating electricity. If the power is not sufficient, the light will not be used, but in turn will be used as heat.

Electricity is the movement of electrons. It is easier to think of electricity like a water hose. The water is the flow of electrons, and the pipe is the wire. The wire is used to move the flow of electrons to the place we want them to go.

The goal is to make electricity work for us. We want the electricity (electrons) to flow through a system. This is done by keeping the electrons moving in one direction so that they may be channeled to the location via a wire where they can energize the device, in the case of solar power your home.

The sun provides enough energy each day to totally provide for the worlds energy needs each and every day.
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