Connection Types:

The Grid is the current power structure existing in the United States today. This is a series of interconnected power generating facilities, together with distribution drop offs, and storage devices make up what we call The Grid. This is how a typical home gets power.
Solar Powered Homes, Business, and Commercial Utility Facilities, can either be tied to the grid, or not. Typically, residential projects are the only ones not connected to the grid. Commercial, and Utility projects most likely will be grid connected. See Grid Tied & Non-Grid Tied Percentages following.

A solar powered home that is tied to the grid will make power in the day, and sent to the grid what is not used. This is tracked by a bi-directional power meter that keep up with what is used, and what is generated. If more power is generated than used it is positive cash flow.
If a home or building is rurally located, there may not be a power to tie into. If this is the case as it is for 70% of India, the Solar Module is most likely the main source of power. This system will be much more dependent on storage (Batteries) for night use that grid tied systems. With this type of system what your make during the day, is what you can use at night. So battery integration is integral to this type of system. See a depiction to the right.

Grid Connected

Off - Grid Connected

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