Our energy system solution is threefold:

Corona Solar clients using solar pv and wind electricity, LED light, and energy storage to run their cold storage facilities, are able to offset the electric bill 100%, and find a low-impact solution that causes the least disturbance to operation, while maintaining highest level performance possible.
Cold Storage

Independent electricity gives financial benefits:

Installing a Corona Solar irrigation pump system run by solar, wind, and utilizing energy storage, will save you time, increase production, and is more economically sustainable than any other irrigation method. Although electric and fuel prices will always increase, our clients enjoy the security against rising energy costs.

Complete scope of our energy solutions:

Corona Solar systems are a complete package of solar pv and wind for electricity, solar thermal for hot water, LED light for efficiency, and energy storage to help offset the expenses of electricity and gas costs, replacing the most expensive utility rates with renewable energy power. You'll enjoy a 25 year guarantee on the power production.
Irrigation Pumps
Dairy Farms

Agricultural Solar:

Harness the Power. Feel the Savings.
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